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Purpose & Results

Future State Diagram PURPOSE

Future State DiagramDevelop a compelling and executable strategy for dramatically advancing your company. The workshop is not a "motivational" seminar, though our customers always feel motivated to succeed following the experience. It is also not a collection of "gimmicks", but rather hard-hitting, genuinely innovate strategies and tools for solving complex problems through maximum effectiveness and simplification.


You will exit the experience with a solid definition of direction and a fundamental and honest comprehension of the company's current status. More importantly, a series of achievable milestones to success will be clearly defined to facilitate the Transition State from the company's Present State to its desired Future State.

You will be readily able to visualize, internalize, and concisely articulate the company's forward strategy (vision) to other team members, bankers, and potential investors/buyers. You will also be able to fully recognize and accept the company's current situation, including staffing, operational, financial, and self-perception strengths, weaknesses, and needs.

You will learn and experience hands-on stunning creativity and innovation tools for solving future problems, create new products and services, and building lasting success.

Finally, you will have a solid understanding of the specific tasks required to reach mutually agreed upon milestones.

Within two weeks of the initial workshop, the participants will gather again to review the written Workshop Summary Handbook, which will include the agreed-upon transition steps for achieving the defined Future State.