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Strategic Planet's Mission is Simple

We create wealth for our customers. Strategic Planet helps you achieve sensational success through the power of compelling design and innovation consulting.

How We Help

We create wealth for our customers through leadership in innovation, strategy, design and technology solutions.

We teach and provide compelling principles, methods and systems focused on continual innovation and simplification to maximize our customers’ success.

Each service we provide generates wealth and success (profits, quality of life improvement, simplification, and so forth) far in excess of their cost. Furthermore, the broader our relationship with you and your business, the greater the overall return on investment will be to your company. This is due to the compounding benefit of implementing multiple strategic advancements.

Our results speak for themselves. Our Future State Workshop clients experience 60-150% revenue increases and are able to dramatically increase profits and make other advances starting immediately after the consulting workshop.

Other tools we provide in addition to the workshop, such as genuine sales building web experiences, compelling marketing and print materials, financial and operational strategies, and our proprietary PlasterMaster software system are each designed to further propel your company forward.

We often hear our customers telling others that “You can’t afford not to hire Strategic Planet – they’ve made us more money and solved more problems than you can imagine!”

That said, we must add that creating wealth for our customers requires intense customer involvement. Your active, continual participation in executing the course we will define with you is essential to your success. Therefore, Strategic Planet only works with the best, most dedicated business owners that are genuinely looking to make their mark and achieve phenomenal, measurable results.